Tree pruning

Our team of four passionate pruners-climbers advises you on the best type of pruning to optimize your terrain! We explain the reasons and the right time to do the work. With our rope-pressing techniques, we move all over the trees, without damaging them, to do the pruning.

Pruning directs or limits the development of a tree. Here are the different types of pruning:

  • Lightening : create skylights or snush the tree for more light;
  • Sanitation : complete cleaning of the tree, its dead and harmful branches (crossed, weak or misdirected);
  • Safety : dead and dangerous branches only;
  • Restructuring : A tree badly pruned in the past with a weak and dangerous structure requires cutting its large primary branches to redo the structure in order to have a healthy tree;
  • Crown raising : cutting the lower branches to clear objects or to facilitate the passage of the mower;
  • Complete : pruning to make the tree look natural and healthy, includes all other prunings;
  • Ornamental : pruning small shrubs for aesthetic purposes or to limit size;
  • Fruit bearing : trimming of fruit trees to promote fruit production.

 Lightening pruning involves cutting branches in the center of the tree in order to create skylights to allow more sunlight to pass through the top. Choose this type of pruning to increase natural light in your garden, on your pool or lawn!

Sanitation pruning involves removing all dead and harmful branches from the tree. Our specialist arborists will select weak or misdirected branches, always with the aim of helping the tree to direct its energy resources to the right places.

Safety pruning includes cutting all dead or dangerous branches into a tree. It’s far from a complete pruning, but it’s a level of pruning that protects your trees from high winds or storms!

We suggest restructuring pruning when a tree has been badly pruned in the past and requires correcting the wrong cuts. Large primary branches often need to be removed to improve the shape of the tree.

A crown raising includes cutting the low branches of the tree to give it an appearance of height and elegance. Often trees are too provided at the bottom, which gives the illusion that they are large shrubs. A shrug of the crown gives more space under the trees to pass the lawnmower or for other activities.

A complete pruning is made up of all types of pruning. It’s the ultimate pruning to maintain the health and longevity of your trees.

Ornamental pruning is done on small trees or shrubs to preserve or improve their aesthetic appearance.

Fruit bearing pruning consists of making a stimulation pruning to promote the fruit production of this tree.

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The advantages of our services

Certified arborists and pruners

Our team of certified arborists puts their expertise at the service of the health and longevity of your trees. We advocate less severe cutting and tree rescue where possible, and we prune and cut taller trees.

Competitive pricing

We offer competitive prices and land cleaning can be included in the price of some services!

Safety and insurance

Safety is paramount to our company. Specialized in tree pruning and felling of hazardous trees in restricted areas, we have comprehensive insurance.

Municipal regulations

In case cutting is the only solution, here are the laws to follow depending on your region: