Proof of insurance


Proof of insurance



Essoucheuse Dosko 18 hp

Strong and compact, its 30-inch width allows us to work in tight space. Weighing nearly 200 pounds, it doesn’t mark your land. We clean all the residue from the stumps and leave your land ready for lawn planting or planting your next tree.

Shredder Vermeer bc1000xl

Shreds tree branches up to 12 inches in diameter. This allows for quick work. We can shred in our truck or on your land to leave you with a good amount of fragmented ramal wood (BRF). By being fresh, it is an ideal organic mulch that can be used as fertilizer or floor coverings.

Skid steer vermeer S800tx

A great piece of equipment when we collect wood from the felling of large trees. With a diameter of 32 inches, we can access small spaces easily. Weighing about 3000 pounds, we use plywood boards to create a path to your trees. This prevents traces and damage to the land.

We can easily transport logs of 1000 pounds. In addition, rubber tracks do not cause any damage to asphalt and terrain. There are about fifty attachments that can be used, which makes it possible to carry out any type of work!

Hino Dump Truck

Truck with a dumpster. We use it to send the shredded branches into the truck box. The large size of the truck box allows you to do more work in the same day. So we are more efficient in our work.

Taming trailer
The trailer is used to transport our Skid steer vermeer S800tx as well as to collect and dispose of wood.
Insulated gondola truck 65 feet

Our insulated pod truck is the same type of truck used by Hydro-Québec subcontractors. It is therefore designed for work near high voltage wires.

With an isolated elevation of 65 feet, we are in the making of safe felling and pruning.

65-foot caterpillar spider pod

We use this pod when the pod truck cannot get to the tree and it is too dangerous to climb it. With a diameter of 32 inches, all places are attainable.

This allows us to prune accurate and quality prunes without damaging your trees and land. The lift pod can reach up to 65 feet in height for all types of work.

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