Cabling and bolting

Cabling and bolting reinforces parts of trees which may fall or weaken the structure of the tree. The included forks are one of the main reasons for guying.

Often, sanitation pruning is needed along with cabling and bolting to remove weight and to balance the tree structure. A wire makes it possible to secure any dangerous tree so that it does not separate further.

Our pruners use two techniques to tie a split tree in half:

Dynamic cabling, for example with a rope called a cobra, which are safe for the tree;
Installation of metal rods and steel cables, aviation grade, designed for trees.

These techniques help prevent tree cutting!

The advantages of our services 

Certified arborists and pruners
Our team of certified arborists puts their expertise at the service of the health and longevity of your trees. We advocate less severe cutting and tree rescue where possible, and we prune and cut taller trees.
Competitive pricing
We offer competitive prices and land cleaning can be included in the price of some services!
Safety and insurance

Safety is paramount to our company. Specialized in tree pruning and felling of hazardous trees in restricted areas, we have comprehensive insurance.

Municipal regulations

In case cutting is the only solution, here are the laws to follow depending on your region: