Disease detection

Our graduate tree pruner, also known as arborists-climbers – because they move and explore using ropes – can determine if wood-eating fungi are present. Other diseases, such as black knot of cherry and plum must be treated.

Parasite detection

Do you have doubts about the health of your trees? We are qualified to detect the presence of pests such as the emerald ash borer.

Assistance in the management of the tree heritage.

We can advise you on the choice of planting your trees!

Certain species of trees do not coexist well together. Other tree species benefit from the presence of certain species.

It is also necessary to plan according to the development of each tree, if your sight will not be obstructed during its growth. A good planting plan is important in order to protect your investment in your tree heritage.

For any questions regarding the emerald ash borer in Granby, Shefford or Bromont, call us!

The advantages of our services 

Certified arborists and pruners
Our team of certified arborists puts their expertise at the service of the health and longevity of your trees. We advocate less severe cutting and tree rescue where possible, and we prune and cut taller trees.
Competitive pricing
We offer competitive prices and land cleaning can be included in the price of some services!
Safety and insurance

Safety is paramount to our company. Specialized in tree pruning and felling of hazardous trees in restricted areas, we have comprehensive insurance.

Municipal regulations

In case cutting is the only solution, here are the laws to follow depending on your region: