Tree trimming can greatly increase the curb appeal of your trees, their size will be significantly reduced and they will be given a visually pleasing shape. It is important to note, however, that shaping is best used on young, ornamental or evergreen trees. Aggressive shapes carried out on mature deciduous trees will unfortunately be very […]

Tree removal

Regardless of the size of your tree or how badly placed it may be, our team is up to the challenge. We use highly specialized gear to dismantle huge trees one limb at a time, safely lowering them down under full control. Elagueurs Arbor stands out in the tree care industry due to our high, […]

Tree pruning

Our team of four passionate climbing arborists will advise you on the best plan of action for the trees on your property! We explain how and why we do things and will also advise you on the appropriate time of year to work on certain species of trees. With our expert rope access techniques we […]

Stumps grinding

After the removal of a tree the stump and surface roots will remain. If you want to plant fresh grass or landscape we will be happy to remove the stump for you. In the case the tree you removed was deciduous, suckers will shoot up as the root system of the tree tries to send […]

Bolting and cabling

A cable reinforces parts of your tree that are weak or at risk of falling. Some trees have weak unions that are liable to split off the trunk due to heavy winds, storms or snow load. A bolt is inserted through the weak union in conjunction with one or more cables higher in the canopy […]

Hedges trimming

Our arborists are highly experienced and qualified in shaping! We do amazing work and will leave your hedges and ornamental shrubs looking better than they ever have! It is almost impossible to reduce the size of a hedge that has become too mature and out of control, hence the importance of trimming them regularly. Our […]

Emerald ash borer

The emerald ash borer is an extremely destructive and invasive beetle that attacks and kills all species of ash trees. It has already decimated millions of ash trees all over North America. Few solutions exist if your tree is infected. Its life expectancy is around 2 years after it has been affected. Leaving affected ash […]


Disease detection Our climbing arborists have an expert knowledge of the diseases and insects that affect our local trees. Often with a quick climb through the canopy of your tree they can assess the damage done by insects or confirm the presence of a disease. Some diseases, such as black knot in plum and cherry […]

Complete list of our services :

Arboriculture – Tree pruning – Tree felling – Tree removal-Tree trimming – Tree cutting – Tree shaping – Chipping brush – Selective logging – Forest cleanups – Stump grinding – Hedge trimming – Bolting and Cabling – Detection of insects and diseases – Consultation