Proof of insurance


Proof of insurance


About Arbor Tree Pruners

The company Arbor Pruners was founded in 1980 by the father of Jonathan Cantin. They started offering tree services in Granby and eventually expanded their service area.

Since 2010, Jonathan has taken over the family business. Passionate about climbing and trees, he follows in the footsteps of his father, also pruner. Even today, Jonathan works with his father in pruning. This gives him a lot of experience despite his young age. Having his own vision of the job, he advocates cutting less severe and saving trees when possible.

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The advantages of our services 

Certified arborists and pruners

Our team of certified arborists puts their expertise at the service of the health and longevity of your trees. We advocate less severe cutting and tree rescue where possible, and we prune and cut taller trees.

Competitive pricing

We offer competitive prices and land cleaning can be included in the price of some services!

Safety and insurance

Safety is paramount to our company. Specialized in tree pruning and felling of hazardous trees in restricted areas, we have comprehensive insurance.

Municipal regulations

In case cutting is the only solution, here are the laws to follow depending on your region: