Tree trimming

Aesthetic pruning technique used to remove branches from the top of a tree. By limiting its growth, you maintain its beauty and prevent tree loss. This also serves to narrow it in width and height by cutting the horizontal branches.

Trimming is a possible solution when pruning is not recommended. Trimming can be suggested when the land has little room for the tree and you want to keep it. In this case, trimming decreases the size of the tree.

Trimming is also useful during a natural disaster (strong winds, sleet, heavy snow) and there are no other possible solutions to conserve the tree.

Trimming also serves to open up a space to bring more light to your land, swimming pool or garden. By reducing the area of the tree, you conserve it and increase the amount of sunlight on your property.

Your tree is too thick, does it interfere with the roof? Do you want a tree trimmed into a ball? With our specialized equipment (nacelles), we perform trimming quickly and at competitive prices!

Trimming often causes the appearance of other branches called suckers, mostly vertical on the trunk. It is important to trim them in turn, because they will be weaker. The trunk will solidify and be more resistant.

We recognize a trimmed tree by its shape. The area of the trunk is not proportional to the height of the tree. When the tree is trimmed, it is suggested to maintain it with a trimmingevery three to six years.

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The advantages of our services 

Certified arborists and pruners
Our team of certified arborists puts their expertise at the service of the health and longevity of your trees. We advocate less severe cutting and tree rescue where possible, and we prune and cut taller trees.
Competitive pricing
We offer competitive prices and land cleaning can be included in the price of some services!
Safety and insurance

Safety is paramount to our company. Specialized in tree pruning and felling of hazardous trees in restricted areas, we have comprehensive insurance.

Municipal regulations

In case cutting is the only solution, here are the laws to follow depending on your region: