Services d’émondage d'arbre à Granby, Bromont et Shefford

Tree trimming

Our team of four passionate climbing arborists will advise you on the best plan of action for the trees on your property! We explain how and why we do things and will also advise you on the appropriate time of year to work on certain species of trees. With our expert rope access techniques we can climb all over the canopy to trim without damaging the trees in any way!

Trimming or pruning orients or limits the development of a tree. Here are the different types of trimming:

  • Creating Natural Light: removal of material in the center of the tree and selective areas in its canopy to let more sunlight through;
  • Crown Clean: complete cleanup of the tree, including the removal of limbs that have crossed or are rubbing on each other and dead or diseased limbs;
  • Safety: dead and dangerous branches only;
  • Restructuring: a tree that has been badly trimmed in the past often needs corrective cuts to orient growth properly;
  • Raising the crown: removal of the lower limbs of a tree for a more upright a stately look;
  • Complete:trimming of the tree to the absolute best of our ability, includes all the types of trimming;
  • Ornamental: trimming of small trees and shrubs to limit size or create a more cultured look;
  • Fruit tree: orchard style trimming of fruit trees to promote fruit production.

L’élagage oriente ou limite le développement d’un arbre. Voici les différents types d’élagages :

  • D’éclaircissement : créer des puits de lumière ou clairsemer l’arbre pour avoir plus de lumière;
  • D’assainissement : nettoyage complet de l’arbre, de ses branches mortes et nuisibles (croisées, faibles ou mal orientées);
  • De sécurité : branches mortes et dangereuses seulement;
  • De restructuration : un arbre mal élagué dans le passé avec une structure faible et dangereuse nécessite de couper ses grosses branches primaires pour refaire la structure afin d’avoir un arbre en santé;
  • De haussement de la couronne : couper les branches du bas pour dégager des objets ou pour faciliter le passage de la tondeuse;
  • Complet : effectuer un élagage pour rendre l’aspect de l’arbre naturel et en santé, comprend tous les autres élagages;
  • Ornemental : l’émondage de petits arbustes dans un but esthétique ou pour limiter la grosseur;
  • Fruitier : la taille d’arbres fruitiers pour favoriser la production des fruits.

Creating Natural Light involves cutting branches in the center of the tree and selective areas to create skylights to allow more sunlight to pass through the crown. Choose this type of trimming to increase natural light in your garden, pool or lawn!

A Crown Clean involves removing all of the dead and diseased branches from the tree. Our climbing arborists will cut crossing or rubbing limbs and branches that are growing backwards towards the trunk, always with the goal of helping the tree to direct its energy resources to the right places.

Safety trimming includes cutting all dead or dangerous branches in a tree. This is far from a complete trimming, but it will take care of hazardous limbs that are liable to come down in high winds or a storm. If you see large dead tops in your tree don’t hesitate to give us a call to deal with it before an accident happens!

We suggest a restructuring trimming when a tree has been poorly trimmed in the past and requires correction of bad cuts. It is often necessary to remove large primary limbs to improve the shape of the tree. Badly placed cuts can make branches grow all sorts of ways that can be unsightly.

Raising the Crown includes cutting the lower branches of the tree to give it an appearance of height and elegance. Often trees have a shock of growth at the bottom, obscuring the trunk and structure, and giving the illusion that they are big bushes. Raising up the crown is an incredible way to make your tree look distinguished. You will also get the added benefit of more space for mowing your lawn and other outdoor activities. Raising the crowns on all of your trees will give your property an airy park-like feeling.

Complete trimming is composed of all the types of trimming. This is the ultimate trimming to maintain the health and longevity of your trees. We will pull out all the stops to make sure your tree gets all of the attention it deserves.

Ornamental trimming is done on small trees or shrubs to maintain or improve their aesthetic appearance and to control their size. Often shrubs such as lilacs will greatly benefit from a few well places cuts to keep them looking elegant and under control. Consider having us give some attention to all of the smaller greenery on your properly to achieve an amazing cultured result!

Fruit tree trimming involves trimming the fruit tree to promote fruit production, while training it to grow down and towards the ground to facilitate fruit picking.

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The benefits of our services

Educated Arborists and Tree Care Experts

Our team of qualified arborists cares about the health and longevity of your trees. We are advocates for natural trimming and saving trees when possible. We perform the highest quality tree trimming and removal of trees.

Competitive Prices

We offer competitive prices and top quality work from start to finish

Security and Insurance

Security is not optional in our business. Every day at work is like a constantly evolving safety meeting for us. We are highly specialized in removing dangerous trees in restricted areas and we have liability insurance.

Municipal By-laws

If removing your tree is the only solution, here are the municipal by-laws to respect according to your region: