Services d’émondage d'arbre à Granby, Bromont et Shefford

Tree Removal

Regardless of the size of your tree or how badly placed it may be, our team is up to the challenge. We use highly specialized gear to dismantle huge trees one limb at a time, safely lowering them down under full control. Elagueurs Arbor stands out in the tree care industry due to our high level of experience and knowledge of specialized techniques.

Experience in the most difficult and challenging situations in the industry has allowed us to develop safe work practices. We are highly committed to creating a safe work environment for our workers as well as our clients. Your satisfaction as a client is our primary goal and we will make sure that your needs are met.

When Hydro wires are too close for comfort, not to worry! One of our Arborists has 40 years of experience working for Hydro Quebec and is legally allowed to remove or trim trees near medium voltage power lines.

Here at Elagueurs Arbor we are passionate about trees! If a tree is healthy and it is possible to preserve it, we will usually make a few suggestions such as trimming it to remove excess weight and give you peace of mind as an alternative to removal. Our vision is to preserve as many trees as possible in the urban environment. Trees take more than a lifetime to become the majestic wonders of nature that they are, so we believe that it is always worth giving the situation a little bit of thought before knocking them down.

Elagueurs Arbor also offers conservation services and selective deforestation for your properties. If you are building a new home in a forest setting, we can offer you our expertise in order to determine which trees to keep and which to cut down.

Before the work really begins on the site of your new build have us protect the trees that will be vulnerable to large equipment. Trees that are wounded by heavy equipment will always bear the scar and will be vulnerable to disease. Large scars and bad tears will often affect the tree negatively in the future.

Before you begin any deforestation work, have one of our tree specialists make a detailed plan and explain which tree species to keep and why. We are highly equipped for deforestation or selective logging and would love to work with you! Call us today and talk to one of our experts about any of your needs regarding urban or rural selective deforestation!

After your tree removal is complete, talk to one of our arborists for information about planting new trees. We are able to plant large trees with our equipment, saving you years of growing time. We know which species of trees are the best to plant and where to plant them, and we always plant them with space to become mature.

For a tree removal estimate in Granby, Bromont or Shefford. contact us!

The benefits of our services

Educated Arborists and Tree Care Experts

Our team of qualified arborists cares about the health and longevity of your trees. We are advocates for natural trimming and saving trees when possible. We perform the highest quality tree trimming and removal of trees.

Competitive Prices

We offer competitive prices and top quality work from start to finish

Security and Insurance

Security is not optional in our business. Every day at work is like a constantly evolving safety meeting for us. We are highly specialized in removing dangerous trees in restricted areas and we have liability insurance.

Municipal By-laws

If removing your tree is the only solution, here are the municipal by-laws to respect according to your region: