Services d’émondage d'arbre à Granby, Bromont et Shefford

Removal of stumps and surface roots

After the removal of a tree the stump and surface roots will remain. If you want to plant fresh grass or landscape we will be happy to remove the stump for you. In the case the tree you removed was deciduous, suckers will shoot up as the root system of the tree tries to send up new growth. It is a good idea to grind deciduous tree stumps if you don’t want a new tree to sprout up!

We have several ways to remove stumps, depending on the location, species or size. Our specialists will suggest the most effective solution at a competitive price.

We grind the stump with a machine that shreds it into small pieces, including all large surface roots. We grind to a depth of 5 to 8 inches, which allows you to plant fresh grass. If your stump is close to a building or in a hard to reach area we will use an appropriately sized machine to get the job done!

The Elagueurs Arbor team is highly specialized and can handle any size stump in any location, without causing damage to surroundings.

After grinding a stump, the jobsite will be left fully cleaned up, and we will happily dispose of the excess stump mulch for you. An impeccably clean site is our signature!

Do you have questions about stump grinding in Granby, Shefford or Bromont? Contact us!

The benefits of our services

Educated Arborists and Tree Care Experts

Our team of qualified arborists cares about the health and longevity of your trees. We are advocates for natural trimming and saving trees when possible. We perform the highest quality tree trimming and removal of trees.

Competitive Prices

We offer competitive prices and top quality work from start to finish

Security and Insurance

Security is not optional in our business. Every day at work is like a constantly evolving safety meeting for us. We are highly specialized in removing dangerous trees in restricted areas and we have liability insurance.

Municipal By-laws

If removing your tree is the only solution, here are the municipal by-laws to respect according to your region: